Kids Love Ballet Classes in Brisbane, But Did You Know These Interesting Facts?

Ballet is one of the toughest dance disciplines because it requires absolute perfection to become a pro. Ballerinas practice their art for years before being ready to take their skills to the theatre stage, and even then, ballet requires ongoing practice and training for dancers to maintain professionalism. Because of how difficult mastering ballet is, it’s not a bad idea to encourage your child to start learning while they’re young. Through kids ballet classes in Brisbane, they’ll learn something new, build strength, make new friends, and learn how to exude confidence. Plus, you’ll be so proud watching your precious little one show off their skills on the stage.

Of course, you already know that learning ballet requires tremendous discipline, constant practice, and a healthy lifestyle, but there are many aspects of ballet of which you might not be aware. Be that as it may, it’s an art form your child will love, and to ensure they learn from the very best, you need to choose a dance school that’s earned a reputation for excellence.

At Reilly Dance Academy, we only employ instructors with industry-recognised qualifications to teach kids ballet in Brisbane. In fact, our professional team consists of Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teachers, Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management, and Glenn Wood Tap Registered Teachers. For over 25 years, we’ve taught both adults and teachers to fine-tune their dance skills, and we endeavour to create a safe and fun environment for your child to learn.

Interesting Facts about Ballet

While you know perfectly well what ballet dancing is, you might not know some of the rarest facts which only experienced ballet dancers know all too well. Here are some facts shared by professional ballet dancers:

  • It takes tremendous discipline to stand on the end of your toes – Every child needs discipline to succeed in life, and they’ll certainly learn how to be self-disciplined by standing on their toes to look graceful and sleek on stage.
  • Ballerinas are perfectionists – Ballerinas practice their moves time and time again until they are confident their muscles will fall delicately into place every time they dance. Ballerinas feel it’s their duty to perform moves perfectly while performing.
  • Ballerinas need huge wardrobes – Perhaps little girls aspire to be ballerinas to feel like princesses, and they certainly will with the large number of magical costumes they’ll need to wear. Some professionals say the sheer amount of glamorous costumes warrant museum space.
  • Ballerinas maintain a strict diet – Ballerinas need to stay in shape to perfect their art, but that doesn’t mean they don’t eat. Rather, they maintain a healthy, balanced diet and ensure they’re fuelled to perform with stamina and grace.
  • Dancing promotes comradery – Professional ballet dancers develop intimate friendships with each other as a result of regularly training together, touring together, and sometimes even living with each other.

We deliver High-Quality Ballet Classes for Kids in Brisbane

At RDA, we know how rewarding learning ballet is and the importance of starting young. Of course, you’re never too old to start learning if you fancy giving it a do yourself, but your child will benefit from taking classes from a young age. To find out more about our ballet class schedule, call us today on 07 3359 4502, and we’d be glad to help.