A Guide to Everything Children Learn during Studio Dance Classes in North Brisbane and Virginia

Dancing is a fun way to encourage your child to exercise, and it’s hugely beneficial to their health in several ways. For starters, dancing improves you child’s agility, flexibility and strength, and it also works wonders for their vital organs. Additionally, dancing builds confidence and can improve your child’s social skills, but most kids want to dance to have fun and learn something new. Sure, you can feel delighted that your child is learning to stay in shape, but you’ll love seeing them smile from ear to ear as they excitedly move their feet.

Many children have a passion for contemporary dance because they enjoy imitating their favourite pop stars. They love moving their feet to their favourite music videos and singing along with hits that every child knows. For your children to learn the art of contemporary dance, you ought to take them along to professional dance schools in Virginia.

At Reilly Dance Academy, we’ve been teaching both adults and children alike the art of dance for over 25 years, and all our professional teachers hold industry recognised qualifications. We provide a safe environment for your child to have fun while learning how to dance to their favourite songs. Whether it’s a passion for ballet, freestyle, tap or contemporary, we’ll have your children’s feet moving while ensuring they learn a healthy way to exercise.

Learn to Dance in Air-Conditioned Dance Studios in Virginia

Health benefits and rhythmic dance moves aside; your children will learn so much more by dancing. Here are just some other things your children will learn by attending our dance classes in Virginia.

  • Self-discipline – Every parent has a duty to teach their children discipline to ensure they study hard in school, listen to others, and try their hardest when they enter the working world. It’s not easy to become a fantastic dancer, but your child will dance like a pro by learning how to be self-disciplined.
  • Teamwork – Nobody in this world can make it alone, which makes teamwork so very necessary. It’s not just completing group projects that require cooperation; it’s also required to make relationships work, enjoy competitive sports, build lasting friendships and enjoy a prosperous career. Dancing ensures your children will learn how to work as a team.
  • Social interaction – Some people are born confident, but others have to work at it to feel happy in their own shoes. Children face a lot of pressure at school and need high self-esteem to build life-long friendships. Dancing is a fun way to encourage your kids to make new friends, and they’ll no doubt become increasingly confident as they start recognising their talent and showing others their capabilities.

Learning to Dance is So Beneficial

We believe that dancing can truly improve almost every aspect of your child’s life. We understand you want the very best for your children, which is why we endeavour to create a relaxing and fun atmosphere at our dance schools in Brisbane North in which your children will make friends, become more confident and, of course, learn the art of dance. Contact us today on 07 3359 4502 for timetable information and pricing.