Encourage Your Kids to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle with Dance Classes in Brisbane Northside and Suburbs in the North

Every parent wants their child to understand the importance of a healthy way of life, but it’s not easy to explain the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet. Children are more likely to enjoy exercise if they’re having fun because they’re too young to understand how a lack of it can result in negative conditions later in life. Besides, you don’t want to use scare tactics to encourage your little one to partake in physical activity; you want to show them that being healthy is positive and can help them make friends, learn something new, and enjoy some excitement.

Humans have enjoyed dancing for millennia, and there are so many styles that making a decision on which type of dance to try can be difficult. Some children have a passion for tap dancing, making music with their feet while being in time to the music. Other children enjoy ballet, where they can gracefully learn moves perfected over hundreds of years. Your child might love listening to contemporary music and idolise their favourite musicians, in which case they’ll love learning how to dance like their favourite TV stars.

Of course, while you want your child to enjoy the fun and health benefits of dance, you need to ensure the studio providing dance classes in North Brisbane provides a safe environment for them to learn. Professional dance instructors who work with children should not only be professional, but they should also have a basic understanding of first aid. However, if you bring your child to our studios, you can feel confident that the only thing your child will be having is tremendous fun.

At Reilly Dance Academy, we’ve been teaching the art of dance for over 25 years at our air-conditioned studio in North Brisbane. We dedicate ourselves to providing a fun, safe environment for your children to master whichever discipline of dance they desire. From ballet classes for pre-schoolers to advanced classes for the well-practiced, our dance classes in Brisbane Northside will have your children’s feet moving in no time

Dance Classes For Kids Brisbane

Fun-Filled Dance Classes for Kids in Brisbane

any children love nothing more than to dance to their favourite music. Also, children learn a lot more than just how to dance during classes. We believe dance introduces a whole new world of fun-filled exercise to children from a young age. Here are some of the main health benefits of dancing:

  • Strength building – Dancing works almost every muscle in the body, which helps to prevent wear and tear and injuries later in life.
  • It’s ideal for your vital organs – Studies have shown that dancing increases lung capacity and improves your heart’s condition.
  • Staying in shape – Your children probably aren’t worrying about their weight just yet, but learning to dance will show them a fun way to stay in shape as they grow older.
  • A healthier brain – Dancing improves mental functioning, spatial awareness, and social skills.

Professional Dance Classes for All Levels

At RDA, we provide dance classes for absolute beginners all the way through to advanced dancers, ensuring we have something to offer every child. To find out more about the disciplines of dance we teach, call us today on 07 3359 4502.