Enrol Your Child for Children’s Ballet Classes in Brisbane Northside

If you’re a parent, you know just how difficult it can be to find the best ways for your child to express their creativity and burn off seemingly endless amounts of energy. Many children enrol in sports teams to help them get adequate exercise and learn valuable teambuilding skills, but team sports are not ideal for every child. Some kids may prefer working independently or just don’t find competitive sports fun.

If you’re looking for a different option for your child, consider taking them to children’s dance classes in Brisbane. Children’s ballet classes near the Brisbane Northside can be enjoyed by children as young as three years old and is an excellent way to help them build social skills, improve their overall health, and learn many valuable skills that will stick with them into adulthood.

The Benefits of Enrolling Children in Dance at a Young Age

Dance offers many advantages for children and the younger they start; the better the chances are of ensuring they adhere to these values. Socially, dance can help children interact with others their age, as well as adults, since the classes are in group sessions. Though the children are not competing with one another, they will learn valuable social skills, such as patience, and dance can also help reduce shyness and anxiety.

From a physical standpoint, enrolling your kid in children’s dance classes in the Brisbane Northside can help them stay fit and active. Dancing can help produce lean muscle, while also improving balance and coordination. It’s also an incredible form of exercise and can help overweight children trim down.

Also, dance can instil the values of hard work, discipline, and a deep-found appreciation for the arts in your child. Furthermore, dance often helps children become more comfortable with their own bodies, which can lead to better self-esteem and confidence.

Those looking for the best children’s ballet classes in Brisbane should look at our highly-respected dance program at Reilly Dance Academy.

Reilly Dance Academy: Offering Fun and Educational Children’s Dance Classes in Brisbane Northside

Our successful dance studio, located in Brisbane Northside, has been offering the finest children’s dance classes in Brisbane for over a quarter of a century. Our philosophy is simple. We believe if you’re not dancing, you’re wasting your feet! We offer many great classes for young children, including Creative Movement, Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. We help children learn the foundations of dance while creating a fun, positive environment.

Our dance teachers all have recognised dance qualifications and accreditations and can help develop your child’s love for dance. Whether dance becomes a fun pastime or full-time passion, we have the right teachers and classes to help your child thrive.

Are you ready to enrol you child in children’s ballet classes in Brisbane Northside? You can find out more about our array of classes on our website or give us a call to get started at (07) 3359 4502.